Daviess-McLean Baptist Association
Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Wilson Trust Scholarship

 Wilson Trust Scholarship

Applications for fall will be available in June, and spring during the month of November.  Actual dates are on our calendar which is given to our churches, listed on our newsletter and available in our office.  Also, actual dates for applying for the next semester are on the award letters sent to those receiving the award.  Details for application are below.

This fund is to be known as the H.S. and Hattie Wilson Scholarship Fund as it was given by the Wilson’s to assist in furthering the education of students wishing to attend college. It is awarded as a textbook scholarship in which the funds received are designated for the purpose of purchasing required textbooks. 


Guidelines and Requirements to be observed relative to the sharing of these Scholarships:

 Each applicant must be an upstanding, dedicated, active member of one of the churches of the Daviess-McLean Baptist Association, and who gives promise of living their whole life to the glory of God.

 Each applicant must be approved by the Senior Pastor, or if absent, the chairman of Deacons. This is done by a letter of recommendation and by signature on the application.

 Scholarships will be funded only after the applicant has received acceptance in a designated institution of higher learning with the scholarship. The award will be mailed to the home of the recipient and will be made out to the college bookstore and the recipient. Endorsement, along with proper identification, is to take place at the college bookstore. If after being granted a scholarship, the student’s choice of college is changed, it is the responsibility of the student to take care of all details in having the money refunded to the association for re-allocation.

 The amount granted will be according to the discretion of the Scholarship Committee. Note that these are grants, not loans, and are not to be paid back. (However, contributions may be made to the Wilson Trust Fund to provide for future generations.)


Scholarship Committee Guidelines



The following should be considered a part of the qualifying guidelines for those persons applying for the scholarship to assist the Scholarship Committee.  A copy of these guidelines should be provided to each applicant along with the scholarship statements and the official application form.


1.    The Wilson Trust Fund Christian Scholarship is available only to students during their undergraduate years of college.  Each person 
may receive this for up to 4 semesters.

2.    The application form must be completed and signed by the applicant and his/her Senior Pastor.  In the event the church does not have a pastor, then the Chairman of the Deacons must sign the application. 

3.  All first year applicants must submit a copy of their full high school transcript records with this application.  Second year recipients need to submit their college transcript instead of high school. Without these transcripts the application cannot be considered.  Mark out your Social Security number on your transcript.

All applicants for the Wilson Trust Fund scholarships should                understand that “economic need” is a paramount consideration in                awarding these scholarships.  However, high academic attainment, and                Christian service are attributes to be considered in the selection process.

          5.  All applicants must complete an application form obtained from the                Daviess-McLean Baptist Association office or by email request                to leslie@dmba.org , stating the semester for which the application is                being submitted.

6.    Failure to follow the guidelines, to properly complete the application or submit transcripts will disqualify applicants being considered to receive scholarship awards. 


           7.    Applications must be legible. 

8.    Turn in:  Completed application form, essay, transcripts and letter from pastor by the deadline listed on the top of the application form.  Do not add extra letters, etc. to what is turned in. 

           9.   Transcripts may be a copy and for those in college, your grades                printed from your secure school site may be used.  (You are not                expected to pay for a transcript to turn in for this application.)

10. Payouts will be in the form of reimbursements.  You will be notified via email of how much you have been awarded.  After you purchase your books & needed supplies, you are to submit a copy of your receipt to the Baptist Building.  A check will be written up to the award amount and sent to you.  Detailed instructions will be included in the award email you receive.   You may get the receipts to us by one of the following ways:  drop it off, mail it to the office or scan and email it.  Any account numbers are to be blacked out before turning receipt in to us.  A clear copy is acceptable.