Daviess-McLean Baptist Association
Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Current Ministry Needs

Baptist Center Current Needs…
It is almost time for the school year to begin.  This means tutoring two afternoons a week at the Center.  Volunteers are needed to tutor the children.  Also, if you, or your group, would like to furnish a meal for the children we tutor please call the center.  The number is 685-1225. 
All types of food for the food pantry.  Canned meats and canned pasta are especially helpful.  Other items:  peanut butter, canned vegetables, canned fruit, crackers, paper towels, & toilet tissue 
If you would like to donate some of the items above please bring them to either the Baptist Center or the Baptist Building. 

Christian Dental Mission…
Mission Statement
A Christian ministry of the Daviess-McLean Baptist Association dedicated to providing emergency and basic dental care for those people who cannot afford dental care, while striving to minister to their physical, mental, and spiritual needs.
Services Offered
Diagnostic and treatment services for adult patients by a licensed dentist to include oral examinations and radiographs, treatment planning, extractions and limited oral surgery, restoration of decayed teeth with amalgam and composite dental fillings, dietary and oral hygiene instructions, and other palliative treatment for pain and referral services as needed. Treatment services by a licensed dental hygienist will include periodontal care to include gum evaluations and radiographs, ultrasonic and hand scaling and polishing of teeth, and oral hygiene and dietary counseling. Tobacco cessation and substance abuse counseling is offered as needed.
The Gospel of Jesus Christ is presented to patients when indicated, either through New Testament Bible distribution or scriptural tracts or by personal sharing, in order to point them to a relationship with God and a changed life.
Patient Eligibility, Appointing, and Fees
Patients are required to be screened for financial hardship at the Help Office of Owensboro located at 1316 W. 4th Street.  
If the individual or family is found to be eligible, a voucher will be issued which is required for admittance to the dental clinic.
Appointments are arranged by calling the clinic at 270-683-2030. No fees are required
for services at the clinic, although donations are accepted.
Usual guidelines for eligibility include:
1. Those who would experience financial hardship in order to receive dental care and
      who do not have any form of dental insurance.
2. Those attempting to become self-sufficient while getting off welfare, unemployment,
      and other social programs.
3. Those with seasonal or part-time jobs
4. Students without family support or adequate funds.
5. People who have recently moved to the area and are seeking employment
6. Those who are in a waiting period, including appeals for disability, Social Security
      Insurance, Aid to Families with Dependent Children, or private insurance through a
      new employer.
7. Recently unemployed people who are seeking work and do not intend to apply for
     public assistance.